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This web site provides an on-line training opportunity to study the complete 60 lesson vehicle electronics training program written and developed by Vince Fischelli, Director of Training, Veejer Enterprises Inc. “The” Vehicle Electronics Training Course covers essential electrical and electronics training for automotive, truck and heavy equipment technicians in a way that minimizes excessive emphasis on theory and focuses on the more practical aspects of troubleshooting vehicle electrical and electronic systems. As today’s vehicles rely more and more on electronics, technicians need a solid foundation in electrical-electronics troubleshooting as explained in this 60 lesson course. The lessons begin at the beginning of electrical-electronic principles and takes the student through vehicle on-board computer circuit operation and troubleshooting. There are no technical or educational requirements to enroll in this training program.

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Once you register on-line you have lifetime access to the lessons 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Lessons can be viewed on a computer screen, an iPad or iPhone or any device that connects to the internet and students can print out lessons. Relax and study at your own pace. The 60 lessons will always be available to you.

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With the 60 lessons now on-line, additional information will be added from time to time to update individual lessons at no additional cost to the subscriber. From time to time additional technical articles are listed in the table to the right. Some articles are free to anyone and some are only open to registered students. Changes and updates to lessons may be added at any time.